April 19, 2023

Yoga with Lilith | Creative Small Business Photographer

Small Biz Photography, Pittsburgh

This was a two part session for Yoga with Lilith. Lilith specializes in therapeutic yoga. I really wanted to capture her kind, chill energy. Her entire presence is peaceful and down to earth. We did the first part of the session at a nearby yoga studio. The second part at her home studio, working with a client. Both locations we snuck outside to get some headshots and environmental portraits.

When I do photo sessions for small business and creative entrepreneurs, we always meet ahead of time to discuss your needs, and how you are planning to use the photos. Some examples of the types of photographs we can do:

  • Environmental portraits (like headshots but cooler, photographs of you doing your creative thing)
  • Headshots of you/your team.
  • Photos of your office/studio/shop/creative space
  • Photos of performances/shows
  • Photos of your art (note that these are different than product photos intended for product sales use)
  • Have another idea for a wicked cool photo shoot? Talk to me. I love getting creative and weird.