Pittsburgh Portrait & Family Photographer

family of three, seated in a wooded area, mom and dad looking down at daughter, who is laying in their lap
Pittsburgh photographer. mom and son eating ice cream. Mom with tattoos and piercings.
Mom, dad and daughter in a backlit forest. Pittsburgh family photographer.
six year old girl with glasses holding bouquet of flowers
Newborn laying on 2 year old brothers lap. Brother is looking at baby with concern.
Black and white image of woman with short hair and husband. Man is affectionately kissing woman on her temple.
four year old girl, in motion, smiling as she twirls around. There is a sun flare and subject is backlit.
Family of four with two boys. Mom is holding youngest son upside down, all are laughing. Pittsburgh fall photos
six year old girl eating a large ice cream cone.
black and white image of a newborn baby, mom's hand resting on newborn's head.

About My Sessions

A mix of lifestyle and documentary; I don't do stiff posing or expect anyone to stand still for long, but I also won't leave you high and dry wondering, "what do I do with my hands!" My goal is to capture the personality, connection and emotion within and between subjects.

Also, they are a lot of fun.

A four year old girl, in a flower field, holding a bouquet of wildflowers. The bouquet is in focus.