December 3, 2020

Small Biz Sesh with Liz | Pittsburgh Photographer

Small Biz Photography

Look at Liz!! She is so fab and gorgeous!

Liz is a stylist for Flourish Styling Co., and also the Lead Stylist at Shift, the cutest little boutique clothing shop ever, located in Verona. (Shift is currently offering lots of fabulous virtual, curbside, & no-contact styling offerings to meet your COVID-conscious styling needs!)

As someone who has never considered themselves "stylish" and is honestly a little intimidated by fashion, (not sure what's so scary, ha ha!) I feel totally comfortable working with Liz. She is so warm and kind and friendly. It was just SO FUN making these images with her.

I love love LOVE collabs with other creatives, and this branding session was a bit of an “aha” moment for me. For me, my art has always been all about connecting with and empowering others. If you trap me inside a cardboard box I’ll keep creating, but sharing those creations, with the hope that it connects with someone, is what will keep me going and inspire me.

I love photographing families, but I am also forward to working with other creative folks!