December 18, 2019

Welcome Alma! | Fresh 48 Newborn Session | Pittsburgh Photographer

Fresh 48/Newborn

Sometimes I get the question, “What the heck is a Fresh 48 Session!?”

And I will confess that before I was a photographer, I had no idea. Ha ha.

A “Fresh 48 Session” is a newborn photo session that takes place in the hospital or birthing center, within the baby’s first 48 hours of life. (Hence the name :) ) But does not include documentation of mom’s labor, or the actual birth.

This is a lifestyle session, meaning I do not bring props or lighting. I will just be capturing those memories and a natural and real way.

Why would I book this kind of session?

Because you want to document your very first moments together. Your new baby, all fresh and wrinkly, meeting siblings and family members, first yawns, first feedings, first diaper changes, little tiny belly buttons, fingers and toes.

Because new babies change so fast! Within days, the vernix disappears, birth marks fade, the wrinkles plump out, babies become more alert and aware. Our memories inevitably reduce those first days to a blur, filled with visits from nurses or doctors, and not-so-filled with much-needed sleep, ha ha. These sessions are great for capturing all those teeny tiny firsts that you will struggle to remember later.

Since the session takes place in the hospital or birthing center, the images are authentic, real and minimalist. No props or posing, these sessions just capture you, your partner and/or family, and your new baby. You can prepare as little or as much as you’d like, and the sessions are very low-stress.

What is included?

The session lasts about 60-90 minutes, and you’ll receive a full gallery of high resolution digital images, (minimum of 50) both in color and black and white, and print release.

How do I schedule?

Get in touch with me while you are pregnant, and I will book a session for you, near your due date. After your baby’s birth, give me a call or text as soon as you are settled into your recovery room. I will visit, during daylight hours, as soon as I can after your little one is born.

How should I prepare for the session?

When you pack your hospital bags, give some thought about what you might want to wear. This is personal preference, and doesn’t need to be anything dressy or elaborate. But it should be something you feel comfortable in.

If you want to document a meeting with a big brother or sister, it can work well to have siblings arrive about half way through the session. That way we get some dedicated time with just you and baby, and some time to capture the new siblings together. Of course, those first days are chaos, so don’t fret if you can’t make this happen exactly as planned. It’s just a consideration.

What else? Do you have any other questions about Fresh 48 Sessions? Get at me!