Welcome Reese!!! | Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer

November 4, 2021 Fresh 48/Newborn, In-home Sessions

I have known this beautiful mama since high school!?! How nuts is that?

mom comforting a newborn baby crying

But it gets better. We went to the same high school, had the same major at the same school in undergrad, and then graduated from the same grad program, which was more or less unrelated to our undergrad studies, ha ha. We worked at Dairy Queen together as teenagers, were both cake decorators at the same grocery store in our 20's, completed an internship at the same spot, then separately moved to 'Burgh, a few years apart, AND we've also been employed at two different Pittsburgh organizations together! Good grief.

collage of four images from an in home newborn session
Collage of four images, including newborn's face, newborn sleeping, brother playing with dog

All of that by coincidence. I swear that not one of us is stalking the other (that I know of)

family of five in living room. all crowded around mom and new baby, seated on chair.

Needless to say we've had plenty of fun times together, and MAYBE some trouble together. MAYBE. I'm going to leave that alone.

mom holds newborn and laughs at dad being silly with other two kids
collage of breastfeeding newborn, dad holding newborn, family of five with three young kids

We've also both had one boy baby, followed by one girl baby. But then she went and broke our cute little cycle of serendipity by having a third beautiful baby! I will not be having a third baby, ha ha! But I am more than happy to snuggle on hers! Check out these images from Reese's newborn session. I'm so smitten with this little man!

collage images from in home newborn session, mom kissing baby.