September 21, 2023

It's Fall! | Pittsburgh Family Photographer

Fall Family Photos, Family Photos

Hey friends! I thought summer was going fast, but I am pretty sure the first half of September just outmaneuvered me. Or lapped me. Or something. It’s gone. That’s all I know. It is time to book a fall photo session, if that is something you desire.

Several folks have contacted me saying, “Oh, its so late, I hope you still have availability.” Friend, rest assured, procrastinators attract procrastinators. So I am one of you, and so are we all. And so yes, I have availability left. And its a small miracle that I’m sending this email before the fall equinox. Well, I am writing it before the equinox. I will update you later to let you know if I indeed send it before the equinox. (Update: I did, holy crap. Just barely)

Fall is a favorite time to book photos for several reasons:

  • The glorious foliage, of course.
  • The temperatures are a sweet in-between where you won’t be freezing or profusely sweating.
  • That glorious, flattering twilight is earlier in the evening and later in the morning and so not such an inconvenience.
  • The leaves are crunchy, so crunchy.

If you’d like to see my availability and perhaps even schedule a fall photo session, you can do so right here.