• Shannon Konek

Welcome Norah | Lifestyle Newborn Session (plus beagle)| Pittsburgh Area Photographer

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Sometimes, a family dog is nearly as much a presence as the new baby! This beagle was clearly taking his role as family protector seriously, and Beau followed me around the entire session. You know, just making sure I was careful around little Norah. I also think he may be considering a modeling career. Look how natural he is in front of the camera!

But back to baby Norah. Such an honor to photograph new babies inside their home. I love capturing a family interact where they are most comfortable. Bringing home a new baby is such an adventure. It's exciting and chaotic even when everything goes as planned, which rarely happens. I love feeling that excitement with the family and documenting the rawness and the newness and the emotion of those first few days. It goes by so quickly as life settles back into routine. A different routine than the one you had before, but a routine all the same. I love saving these memories for families to cherish forever.

I think Beau agrees.

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