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Welcome Evangeline! | Lifestyle Newborn Session | Pittsburgh Area Photographer

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

It's such an honor to photograph a newborn session.

To be invited into a clients home. To document a slice of that fleeting and magical newborn experience. To be entrusted with this.

As a mom I know that those first few days and weeks are so precious and so exhausting. I can't speak for any other mother, but I know that when I was in that state, that fugue, I was barely able to keep myself together.

I lost track of time. The days seemed endless and the nights were longer.

I barely left the couch. I forgot to eat meals.

I felt confused and lost, deprived of sleep, I felt I was simultaneously forgetting and relearning who I am, and learning all about someone new, that I've kind of known all along.

So thirsty, but my water glass was just out of reach, and the baby had just (finally!) fallen asleep, of course, on me... Maybe if I concentrate hard enough, I can make the glass of water come to me... No?

It's this weird state where, when you're in it, you know you will want to remember everything. You know it won't last long.

But sometimes you also just wish for it to be over. When will this baby sleep through the night? When will this baby stop crying? When will I feel like myself? When will people stop telling me to "savor every moment?"

And then before you can hardly believe it, it is over. And some deranged part of yourself misses it desperately.

I feel like its so important to capture the mood, the emotion and the spirit of the day in Newborn Sessions. *Even* more so than in my other sessions. This is how your home felt when you brought home your baby. This is how sweet her tiny newborn head smelled.

It's such an honor to be able to give that to someone.

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