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Welcome Bea! | Lifestyle Newborn Session | Pittsburgh Area Photographer

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

What a sweet little Bea.

You know what I love about Pittsburgh?

Well, one of the many things.

I thought the first time I met this family, was at the pub down the street from my house. Just a few months ago. Our kids were playing together on the outdoor patio, so we started talking. Turns out we live just a few blocks from each other. (And it also turns out that we both love having this pub within walking distance from our homes.)

But it turns out again, that was the second time I met this family. The actual first time I met this family was while touring the neighborhood elementary school. That was at least two years ago. The dad remembered me from that encounter, even though we exchanged less than five minutes worth of conversation at that time. Once he brought it up, I remembered them, too.

Then we got to talking more, and realized that we both were dog-parents to basenji mix muts. Which like, what are the chances of that?! (Their sweet dog had sadly passed by this point) I then realized that I had definitely seen them walking their basenji mix in the neighborhood. Because she looked like our dog. And not that many dogs look like our dog! (Who looks like a dingo.)

So, this may seem like it has less to do with Pittsburgh than I first led you to believe. But what I am getting at, is that its the smallness of Pittsburgh, the friendliness, and quaint neighborhoods that allowed us to have these chance meetings, and then to connect them.

And now I get to help this awesome family welcome their precious baby girl earth-side.

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