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We are YELLOW! | Pittsburgh Family Photographer

Hey, Allegheny County! We are YELLOW!

Businesses like mine are officially allowed to resume operation. And I’m so stoked to take your pictures! With that guidance, I am officially booking spring, summer and fall sessions right now. WOO HOO!

Even though I'm allowed to photograph, the CDC still recommends social distancing strategies in place, and I am totally onboard with the CDC.

Here's what I am doing to keep everyone safe!

  • I'm only booking outdoor sessions

  • I'll be wearing a face mask

  • I'll be using an 85mm lens (which means I can shoot from a nice, safe distance)

  • I'll be sanitizing the heck out of my hands before and after sessions

  • I'll be sanitizing my equipment after each session

  • My family and I have been, and will continue to practice social distancing.

  • Avoiding handshakes, hugging, and sadly, even high fives, for now.

There are some experts who think we may encounter a second wave of COVID19 in the fall, (but good grief, I sure hope not!) However, if you want family photos this year, it miiiight be a good idea to get them in this spring or summer, just in case! If you want to book a fall session, you can do that also, and if we are hit with another wave of this garbage, I will allow you to reschedule or refund your deposit.

Totally looking forward to hanging out with yas! (Outdoors, and from a reasonable distance, of course!)


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