• Shannon Konek

South Park Family Photo Session | Pittsburgh Area Photographer

Guys, sometimes you just gotta get your princess on.

I was more into super heros than princesses as a kid, but this little lady even made me want to don a flowy dress and twirl. What fun!

I met this family in South Park for an early morning photo session. South Park is a bit south of the city, and as I reside in the northern part of the city, it was a nice change of scenery for me. (It's a gorgeous park!)

Every photo session I do, I try to reflect on what I learned. (They say that's the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset, y'all)

I usually learn several things from each session.

Usually when clients ask what to wear for their photo session, I warn client families against "matching" outfits. I suggest instead to "coordinate". You know, same color family, but not the exact same color and/or pattern. But I have to admit, these guys blew matching out of the water. I loooove the mother and daughter dresses. And the aqua blue of the guys' shirts is the perfect accent to these dresses, because it picks up a very subtle complement color in that floral pattern. In short, they nailed it.

So that's what I learned from this session. If you are a friggen matching pattern prodigy, then go for it.


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