• Shannon Konek

Schenley Visitor Center | Family Photo Session | Pittsburgh Area Photographer

I love this family. I fall in love with all of my clients, you guys. So if you're not comfortable with that, maybe don't book me? Hahaha, just kidding.

I've always loved taking pictures. But when I do family photo sessions, the pictures aren't really about me, you know? They are about the family. And I love that. It is so fulfilling to make photographs that families love.

I think the hardest part of my job, the steepest learning curve for me, has been that consultative piece. Like how sometimes I have to gently suggest to a family that their idea for an outfit or a theme or a location, might not translate well via camera. Especially when they are really tied to that idea. But it happens.

Because I'm pretty introverted. And at times I definitely have struggled with trusting my own expertise.

That didn't really happen here. These guys are always super flexible. Ha ha. But they did ask about potential indoor spots, because their littlest man is in that in-between-crawling-and-walking phase, and that's a tough age for outdoor photos. Because the little ones want to move around and exercise their newly gained mobility. But mom and dad don't want them crawling around on a trail and getting all muddy for photos. I totally understand both sides.

They mentioned the local conservatory. And nearly 50% of my clients ask about this location. It is admittedly gorgeous. I get it.

But it's often crowded. And I never feel like I can get a good variety of shots there because its an enclosed space, and its hard to get enough distance between the subject and the camera.

While the conservatory is definitely kid-friendly, its not really open enough for kids to run around and do their crazy kid things. And I feel like I get some of my best captures when kids are just being kids.

I gently suggested the area around the Schenley Visitor Center, and I'm so glad I did, because I love how these photos came out.

They were like, "sure".


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