• Shannon Konek

Pittsburgh Today

I'm sure by now you know that it has been a somber and grey few days in Pittsburgh, with many more to follow as our city continues to grieve the loss of its community members.

I truly love this city. It's diversity, its tenacity, its resilience. I love it's friendliness and its neighborhoods and its small town feel. This is the city that gave me my children, and the only home they have ever known.

I haven't talked to my children about the senseless mass murder in a neighborhood synagogue. The reason is partly for them: I don't think they are old enough to understand or process it. And partly for myself: I'm not ready, nor do I know how, to explain to them why such evil exists in this world.

Others have written so much more eloquently and insightfully than I could about the tragedy that's befallen us. So I'll just share a photo of my son catching fireflies and hope that everyone affected can find some kind of love and light.


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