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Geneva on the Lake

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

My family didn't go on a lot of vacations as a kids. Even though I grew up near Virginia Beach, we really didn't go often. (My mom hates the beach! What?!) I remember when I was in sixth grade, we took an RV from Virginia to Missouri, and stayed at KOA campgrounds long the way. That is really the only family vacation I can remember taking. But I actually have really pleasant memories from that trip... Even though I contracted strep and bronchitis during it. Ha ha!

So because of that, in part, I really want my kids to have the experience and memories of going on vacation together. They don't need to be expensive or fancy or exotic vacations. Just a little time away, just the four of us.

As you can see:

  • Geneva on the Lake is gorgeous.

  • My kids refuse to cooperate for my photos. Especially my littlest one. It's the photographer's kids curse, ha ha. They snarl as soon as they see the camera.

  • Eddie, my son, is living his best life in those waves. He LOVED the water. Thea was a bit more cautious, as she is in general, but still had a blast.

  • Mmmm ice cream.

  • I failed at getting in the picture myself. Whoops. Need to do better at that!

  • And yes, that is a diaper my three year old is holding in the photo of my hubs and the two kids. She loves the way they feel. Kids are so weird!

Where is your favorite place to vacation with kids?

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