• Shannon Konek

Frick Park Magic Hour Session

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

I clearly couldn't get enough of this little one and her gorgeous curls. <3

Magic hour, also known as golden hour, is the time of day shortly after sunrise or before sunset. What is so magic about it? I'm glad you asked. The short answer is that when the sun is just above the horizon, the light rays have farther to go, so they are softened, and scattered, diffused. And this light is much more flattering for photography subjects. (Um, that's you!)

Other cool things about this time of day; the light is warmer in hue, so your skin looks all luminous and glowy.

Since the sun is low, shadows are long, so you are less likely to have harsh shadows on your face. (But I will still take care to position you to avoid the dreaded face shadows.) And long shadows also create opportunities for artsy shadow shots!

These conditions are so coveted in photography, that there even exists a super cool magic hour calculator!!

Since sunrise and sunset occur at different times during the year, magic hour does, as well. During the summer, especially around the solstice, magic hour can begin as late as 8:15. Which is great for those of you night owls, but not always ideal for little kids. This is one of the reasons someone might opt to have a photo session earlier or later in the year. Or opt for a photo session in the early morning instead.

In short, when a client wants to schedule a session for magic hour, I jump up out of my chair and do a happy dance.

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