• Shannon Konek

Frick Park Family Photo Session | Pittsburgh Area Photographer

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Mid-February is about the time of year that I get really sick of winter. I can tolerate it through the holidays, and then January has the momentum of the new year to help get me through it. But by now, it starts to get to me. The grey skies. The cold, dry air. The slushy streets. Salt on everything. Salt all over the floor of my living room. Wiping the kids noses every 3 minutes. Trying to persuade my spirited two year old to put on a freaking coat.

But really, I think its the grey skies that get me down the most. This is officially the time of year where every day that passes is just counted down until spring. Which, for the record, begins in 37 days. Thirty-seven days until it is spring, officially. Probably more like 67 days until it actually begins to feel like spring. Which to me, feels about like 3,940,589,430 more days. Can you tell I am not a huge fan of winter? Ha ha.

Thank goodness I still have some warm and sunny photo sessions left to share. To remind me that beautiful temperate sunshine did, and will once again, visit Pittsburgh. This family was so laid back and fun to work with, and I was stoked to capture some super cute smiles from this little guy. I could just tell he's going to be an awesome big brother. Remember when when we could just wear a light sweater and jeans outside?

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