• Shannon Konek

Family Photo Session at Schenley Overlook | Pittsburgh Area Family Photographer

I think these kids get cuter every time I photograph them. That is part of the fun of being a photographer who photographs kids! You get to watch as their cuteness grows!

This big brother is one of the easiest kids to photograph ever, because he has a perfect smile and loves posing for the camera. I barely have to do any work when I am photographing him. He also loves snuggling with and interacting with his baby brother. It always makes for fun photographs.

What did I learn? This session took place on one of those days where the sun is constantly going behind clouds and reappearing. I love those days personally because it reminds me of laying in the grass with my eyes closed as a kid, and observing the different colors through my eyelids as the clouds pass. Oh, you never tried that? Ha ha, it's pretty great. It's crazy to think of all the things I had time to enjoy as a kid.

However, I am a grown up now, and a photographer, so I had to be pretty fast with changing my exposure settings. I can never get too much practice with that.

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