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Fall Photo Sessions, Ya'll | Pittsburgh Area Photographer

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

YOU GUYS. Fall is coming!

Whether you are stoked to feel cooler weather and get your hands on a pumpkin spice latte; Or dreading it as it beckons the dreary Pittsburgh winter season…. Its coming.

(Honestly, I am a little bit of both. I love the long activity-filled days of summer and DO NOT enjoy 4:30pm sunset, but also, man do I love some crisp sweater weather. For me, summer wins only because it lasts longer. Fun and polarizing fact: I hate pumpkin spice latte)

Either way, if you want a photo session this fall, now is the time to book it!

Why book a session in the Fall?

Fall is great for photos. If you want the last hints of summer, but slightly cooler and less humid temperatures, book in September/early-October. The weather is still beautiful, but you’ll be *so* less sweaty.

If you are hoping for some glorious fall colors, go for mid-October into November.

Super cool fact for those of you with young children, we can book sunset sessions as early as 5pm later in the season. Or in the morning.


I am located within the city of Pittsburgh. I love all of the city parks. They are all lovely in their own right. I also don’t mind a jaunt outside of the city. I have done sessions in both North Park and South Park, and everything in between so just let me know what is special to you!

I also do in-home lifestyle sessions, if that is more appealing to you. These are great for newborn sessions!


Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays! I book sessions in the morning and in the evening. It depends on when sunset is, but the best time is about an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset. If you have littles who just can’t with the evenings and/or you just can’t with the mornings… I am flexible, but know we will need to shoot where there is significant shade if we are doing a session closer to mid day.

What are my options?

I book one-hour family and newborn sessions for $300. I do not do family or newborn sessions as minis, because:

  • I find I need the extra time to get the variety of images I like to include in your gallery.

  • Some kids love the camera and I get the goodies right away, but others are shyer and need some time to warm up. I love all kids and don’t like to rush the more timid.

  • Sometimes your kids need a break or a snack. That’s cool.

  • I like to hang and get to know you a lil.

All of my session prices are all inclusive and include all digital files.

Message or email me to chat more, or book your session right on my website! Here are a few samples from past fall sessions.

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