• Shannon Konek

Fall Fun.

It is like, minus eleventy-million degrees out there today. Brrrr. These pictures are from a few months ago when it was NOT minus eleventy-million degrees out.

We love going for walks in the park. Well let's be real. I love going for walks in the park. Very often, my kids would rather watch cartoons and eat fruit snacks on the couch, and I have to drag them out of the house kicking and screaming. Once we get there though, we have fun... usually.

It's hard enough getting the kids out of the house when they *want* to go, but I basically deserve a parenting medal of honor for dragging them to the playground against their will. Right?

Sadly, there are no parenting medals of honor. But at least I got some cute photos of them not totally hating the great outdoors. My favorite is the one with Eddie holding the two giant tulip tree leaves while the sun shines through them.

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