• Shannon Konek

Color Chase Challenge | Pittsburgh Photographer

I have been loving participating in various photo challenges and exercises, lately. Its nice to focus on improving my skills and take some pictures just for me. Its good motivation to keep me photographing, as well. I am participating in the color chase challenge. Check it out. There is a different color featured for each month of the year. November was brown. Which, is not the first color I would chose to seek out in my photos! But, that's kind of the good thing about it. Its a stretch. I ended up getting some photos that I was really proud of, that I know I wouldn't have taken, of things I know I wouldn't have noticed, otherwise. I'm especially into these spent hydrangea blooms. 

Brown was pretty appropriate for November. December is gold. So far its been pretty tough finding gold in Pittsburgh in December. The days lately have had that weak and shallow blue/grey overcast light in which nothing looks gold. But once again, its a good challenge and gets me out of my comfort zone. Let's hope I can get something better than a million photos of Christmas lights!


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