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365 Photo Challenge - Weeks 3&4

Here are the final images for January of my 365 Photo Challenge.


The challenge has taken a lot of the pressure off of me to take "amazing" photos.

It's allowed me to be more experimental in my photography.

When I used to bring my camera on an outing with my family, it could be kind of stressful and annoying. I wanted to capture images I was proud of. I used to feel the need to maximize the practice I got from each outing. But now that I literally take my camera everywhere I go, I can relax about it more. I'm just trying to get one image. And it's okay its not frame-worthy. It honestly lets me enjoy my family more, AND I get more practice than before. Previously, I would leave my camera at home if I wanted to really focus on my family. In short, I'm probably going to do this forever.

It's interesting to me how much darker my personal work is than my family photo work. This isn't really a new observation, as I've always been attracted to darker imagery. (Little known fact: I'm a closet goth, you guys.) But also: Pittsburgh is just so friggen dark this time of year. It's always cloudy. And the sun goes down so early, so many of my daily images are taken at night. Or in the ill-lit catacombs of my home.

Eddie did lose his first tooth last month! I made soup, took the kids to a pool, watched a lot of cartoons, played with a lot of LEGOs, Enjoyed a light dusting of snow, and took lots of photos of random inanimate things. GO JANUARY! Ha.

Thanks for reading!

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