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365 Photo Challenge - First Week! | Pittsburgh Area Photographer

I have wanted to do this for so long. And I have started a few times, and haven't finished. But this year! THIS YEAR IS DIFFERENT. Ha ha.

What is a 365 Photography Challenge? Basically, you take a photograph every day. All year. Every. Single. Day.

Why did I fail? In previous years, I got bogged down by trying to take amazing photos every day. Which, just isn't possible. Then I would get discouraged, and lose my motivation to work on it.

I've been so incredibly inspired by Lyndsay's 365 photos, that it makes me what to dust myself off and try again! This awesome lady has completed a 365 three years in a row!! What am I doing differently this time? I'm being easier on myself. Sometimes I might just take a photo of my houseplants. That's all right. Also, I am bringing my camera EVERYWHERE. Also, I am sharing my photos, good or bad. For accountability. And just because sharing is caring. ;)

Why would I subject myself to this? I want to keep up my photography momentum and inspiration, even when its my slow season and I don't have lots of client work. I want to have these images to look back on. (I mean, that's the whole point of photography, right?) And I want to stretch myself and shoot in all different kinds of lights and environment. This is really the big one. I don't think we improve if we don't push outside of our comfort zone. Just in this week's photos, I've photographed in dim bar light, shitty overhead fluorescent light, incandescent lamp light, trippy projector light, LED christmas light light, dreary rainy day light, and of course some lovely cold sunset light. Not too bad for week one. I'm pretty stoked to keep this up!

Want to follow along? I'll be sharing lots of these on my personal IG. And here. And here.


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