Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of photographer are you?

I am the kind of photographer who loves to give high fives.

Ohhh. Not what you meant? I use a mishmash of documentary photography, traditional and family portraiture, and lifestyle photography to capture genuine interaction, expression and the chemistry of and between my subjects. 
I am a natural light photographer, I use minimal equipment and gear. This allows me flexibility and the ability to move around lots during our session. Plus, I mean, the sun is just great. It’s the best light source. 
I photograph mostly humans; Children, couples, families, bands, and creative headshots. And also nature. Nature is good.


Where will my family photo session be held?

I shoot on location, and in natural light. Pittsburgh is a pretty vibrant and fun city, and it’s varied land and city scape affords many options for photographs. We can hold a session in a serene forest, or with an edgy urban backdrop. Or if it suits you more, I love to photograph children in their natural habitat. A park, a playground, a museum, the water steps. Is there a place that’s special to your family? An ice cream shop, a particular park, or other location? You know your family, and I know photography. We will work together to find the best spot for your photo session!


How long will my session be?

Family sessions: I usually say an hour. But it could be less, or it could be more. Especially when photographing children, I like to be flexible with session length. If your children are shy with new people, or shy in front of the camera, I like to give them time to warm up and get to know me. This might make our session go longer. And that’s okay. If your children are outgoing and natural performers, we might get all the photos we need in the first 45 minutes. That’s okay too!
Newborn sessions: I book newborn sessions for two hours. And just like family sessions, I am very flexible. This time is usually adequate with lots of time for diaper changes, feeding breaks, snuggles, snoozing.

What will my family session be like?

Fun, and relaxed, I hope! I have two wild and crazy little kids myself, so I know how hard it is to get everyone clean and dressed and cooperating for photos. I want you to just chill and leave the rest up to me. 

I always get a few shots of you all looking at the camera at once, so you can use that on your holiday cards or what not, but those shots won’t be the focus of our session. I often follow the kids’ lead to decide what kind of photos to take first. I ask you to relax, play, talk, laugh and interact with your family, and I will worry about the photos.  

I will guide you throughout the shoot. I might ask to move depending on where the light is best; I might direct you to look at each other, or look at your cute kids. I might give you some silly prompts to get you talking or laughing. But I won’t “pose” you, in the traditional sense. 
I strive for authenticity in my photos. No stiff poses and no fake smiles. Just you, your family and that magic stuff that connects you. 

What will my newborn session be like?

Just like my family sessions, I strive for a natural and authentic portrayal of your family during my newborn sessions. I usually hold these sessions in the client’s home for ease and convenience for the new mom. I really love to focus on the excitement and the mood of welcoming a band new baby into your family. I’ll take lots of photos your little newbie, and all of those little newborn details, like the peach fuzz, tiny fingers and toes, wrinkly new skin. I’ll photograph you, your partner, and your older kids (if applicable) interacting with the baby. I might ask you to turn off or on some lights, and I might ask to move your furniture slightly to get the best light and perspective (but I promise I’ll put it back when I leave!) I won’t squish your baby into an unnatural pose, and I won’t bring any props. Newborns are pretty cute just on their own, in my opinion. Plus, I’m just not really good at squishing babies into poses. And I’m not about to practice on someone else’s baby. ;)


Where will my newborn session be held?

Newborn sessions are held at your home.


What should I wear?

You should wear what you are comfortable in and what makes you feel great/awesome/badass. If it suits your personality, you can coordinate with your family, but don’t try to “match”. Avoid large, busy patterns or graphics on clothing to ensure the photos are timeless. If you want more guidance, I’d be happy to put you in touch with a fabulous stylist!


How far out are you booked?

It varies a lot depending on the time of year. During my busiest time of year, I usually book sessions 1- 3 months in advance.


Will I get the digital photos from my session?

Yep. I hand select and edit the best photos from our session, and provide you with the files and a print release.


How can I order prints and products from you?

Currently, I provide you with the digital files and a print release, and you can order prints and products directly from your online gallery.

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